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Owner Testimonials

We could go on and on about ourselves if we chose to but we feel it would be best to let our clients speak for us in their own words.

When I hired Stress Free Property Management in Tampa, all three of my rental properties had been sitting vacant for 7 months or longer. My previous management company kept giving me excuses. Finally, I couldn’t afford excuses anymore. I called David Lowrey at Stress Free and they took charge and rented my single family home and both sides of my duplex within 45 days. He always returns my calls and emails and I highly recommend Stress Free because they get the job done and their maintenance costs are quite fair. They have given me piece of mind as a property owner.

Byce Predmore Tampa, FL

We would like to thank all of you to handling our rental properties! We are glad that we switched our property management firm to Stress Free Property Management, when our previous property manager do not provide any feed backs, and takes more than two weeks just get pictures taken. We are impressed with the Stress Free's young, polite, patient, professional team, they handles all the aspects associated with rental property, includes repair, maintenance, HOA approval, tanent background checks, provide month report, and transfer fund in a timely manner etc... As a homeowner in other country, I really do feel stress free! I would recommend their service to anyone!

Catherine & Ralph Toronto, Canada

I have only been with you for a couple of months (and I hardly ever write things like this) but I want to say how happy I am with your service especially after having such bad experiences the prior year. You are economical, efficient, professional and friendly. I can not say enough about your service. Thank you for all that you do. Have a great day.

Debbie deHaas-Mayer Newburyport, MA

Stress Free Property Management has been continues to be a wonderful company to work with... After placing my properties under their care, they quickly found good paying tenants and have managed to resolve all issues. They operate their business in an orderly way, and take the stress out of an absentee owner. Great company...well managed...courteous and prompt!

Eric Sigler Miami, FL

I finished rehabbing a duplex in Tampa with the intent to resell. This occurred during the market drop, so I chose to rent instead. I tried my realtor first but she was unable to find anybody for months. I wasted hundreds on Tribune Ads and other local advertising but was unable to find any suitable candidates on my own. Finally I got a proactive letter from Stress Free Property Management so I called and liked what I heard. I hired Dave from Stress Free Property Management on the spot. They had a very unique strategy for finding and attracting quality candidates. They specialize in property management. He had both units rented in less than 7 days. I have been receiving rent for months and have been very happy. (See link above for complete letter)

Geoffrey Nowlin Phoenix, AZ

I decided to use Stress Free for my property management needs after my unit sat vacant for almost 4 months. Once I made the decision to hire them, my unit was rented within 2 weeks to a great tenant because of Stress Free's tenancious approach to their business. The switch was easy and with this market, getting a place rented in two weeks is exciting news!

John Kinkle New Haven, CT

The incoming rents have allowed me to pay my property taxes without having to tap into personal funds. In all of the time I've owned these properties that has never happened. I finally found a good property manager. Now if we can get Courtland and Poinsetta up and running I'll be in great shape. Hope all is well with you and your family,

Kathryn Brown San Anselmo, CA

Stop spending money and time, inefficiently managing your property. Stress Free does it better and cheaper. Their contractors are top notch and their team is as responsive as can be. I tend to be a tough negotiator and when I thought Dave and I had reached a point where we did not see eye to eye, he worked with me and convinced me to let Stress Free handle my property. I am very glad I did. Stress Free got my house rented for higher than I expected and in less than two weeks. Their agreement matched what they charge and there are no hidden surprises. Dave and his team treat property owners ethically. I couldn’t be happier.

Leo Koo Orlando, FL

I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate doing business with you. We have been renting our properties for over 20 years and know how difficult and time consuming the rental business can be. As we live over 650 miles away, we needed a rental property company that we could rely on, that would take care of our property the way we would, and would deal with any issues and concerns in a timely manner and with good judgment. I am proud to say that Stress Free Property Management has exceeded all our expectations. You have been renting our apartment for over 2 years. All issues have been handled with the utmost professionalism and your communication to us has been excellent. We have received all rent proceeds on time and always receive clear and concise statements. The professionalism of the staff is unmatched. Every email or call has been handled to our total satisfaction. We always know that when we do need to talk to someone, they will always be there ready to assist us. It isn’t often you get to experience complete satisfaction from a business partner. I am happy to say we have found that with Stress Free Property Management. I highly recommend them as the best selection for a property manager.

Lynn Watkins Apex, NC

Stress Free Property management has been great. They were able to rent out our condo in a couple of days after we hired them and they found a great tenant. The past two years they managed our rental have truly been Stress Free.

Matt Kronenwetter, WI

I’m pleased to say that since contracting with your firm, the service has been everything engendered by the slogan “stress free”. As a business owner myself, I know the value of a happy customer, so you are welcome to use me as a reference.

Milt Perry Hanover Park, IL

Stress Free Property Management has been managing my rental properties for close to two years now. I used to live in Tampa and was more hands on but now I live in the Northeast and don't have to worry about my properties because I know they are in good hands. I recently bought my first property from them in late 2010. It was a 4 bed / 2 bath house for $29,500. It was rough so they did about $22,000 in renovations. In the end, I was amazed at how great the house turned out. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one because a tenant rented the home in less than a week for $1050 a month. I highly recommend Stress Free Property Management when you are looking to buy a quality rental property.

N. & E. Parsons Boston

I recently purchased a house from David at Stress Free Property Management. It was a house his team renovated and it now has beautiful brand new ceramic tile, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and a bunch of other items. I paid less than $40,000 and it is assessed by the property appraiser at over $100,000. Rents are $1050 a month. The cash flow is terrific. The management of the property is very good. I rarely have any involvement with the property which is great living in New York.

Rafael Ruiz Brooklyn/New York

I have said this before and I'll say it again. You guys are a joy to work with. Your professionalism and responsiveness is enviable in any industry and I am glad to have found you.

Robert Waugh Brooklyn, NY

To Whom It May Concern: I intend my comments here to be a reference concerning David Lowery, owner of Stress Free Property Management. I have known David personally and professionally for at least twelve years. I have come to know him mostly through our mutual love of martial arts. We have shared many hundreds of hours in close and intense workouts. In such circumstances one’s true character will always show. It is my opinion that Dave did display on a daily basis the highest moral character, integrity and maturity. When it was time to sell my home, Dave came to mind. We negotiated slowly and fairly. He never pressed me to sell. He discussed with me reasons I may want to rent the house. He even gave me tips on how to do so. When we very close to signing a contract he actually educated my attorney on some of the finer points regarding the transaction. We closed the deal with owner financing. This requires a great deal of trust on my part that he would make the payments on time. I had no doubt that he would do so. He has in fact made each payment as promised. If you are considering doing business with David you may call or E-mail me to discuss any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Roger Hill

Roger Hill Tampa, FL
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