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Your Property’s Condition Before Showing it to Tenants

Renting a property to tenants is not as easy as it sounds. In order to significantly save time and effort in giving an overview of your property, as well as to make sure you’re only going to deal with interested buyers when you meet them first hand, a website with a video tour will be a very good strategy for you.

When prospect tenants contact you and are interested of your property, give them a link to your website so they can get an overview of whether or not your property is actually what they’re looking for. Only after then will you give them an appointment to see the actual asset.

First impression doesn’t last, but it sure does count. You have to make your property looks presentable and neat before showing it to interested tenants, or they might not want to look further finding out that it’s actually not as nifty as the one in your website. Pay extra attention to places where prospects are likely to check such as bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. Be sure everything is in good condition, and that there are no facilities left unrepaired. A dripping faucet is not the kind of scene your tenant will want to see. Also, unless the tenant requests so, don’t bring them to the unit under renovation or construction.

Just to make sure the appointment’s going to be fine, you can drop by to your property 20 minutes before the appointment and check if everything is in place. Check the lights, plumbing and other facilities to ensure they’re working. And before you leave the place, be sure you have the right key and that you have all the important papers with you. Tenants would not want to have you waste their time looking for things that you shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place.

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