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What it Takes to be an Amiable Landlord

It doesn't matter whether you've just decided to jump into investing into real-estate or you've been here for years. It is important for you as landlord to maintain an amiable attitude who tenants would feel like paying.

You have make your tenants feel at home. As landlord, you'd be the first person they will come in contact with and it would be nice to welcome them nicely. In order to understand this further, you have to ask yourself, "How would i want to be welcome to my home?” You have to try picturing out yourself in their shoe, and what see what your expectations would be.

First, tenants want it clean. Even if it's in the leasing contract for tenants to clean out their own spaces, it is inevitable that some of them leave it like a mess. In cases like this, it is your initiative as responsible landlord to have it cleaned before the next lessee arrives.

Another warm and hospitable way to receive tenants is by adding a few basic things on the unit. Perhaps a few bottles of water on the fridge, some toilet papers on the bathroom and an air freshener. They will surely appreciate how thoughtful you are.

Another very important thing which is oftenly abused by landlords in the rent fee. You have to charge your tenants fairly, perhaps a few extra if your unit is above market value. In addition, you have to keep in touch with tenants. When they call, you answer; if they have concerns, you have to attend to them; if they have maintenance concerns, send someone as soon as possible and don't cause them further discomfort than they're already having. If you feel like you can't handle this pressure on top of the many other things you're attending to, hire a property manager to do things for you.

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