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Important Factors That Would Attract Renters

There are some factors of a rental property that would attract renters. It would serve you well to know what they are.


When it comes to real estate property, location holds a major importance. It is what most renters care for the most. When marketing your property, look for its strong points that are related to location. For example, your property may not be located in the heart of the city but it offers a lot of greenery and natural view. Or it may not be close to major amenities but it has direct access to public transportation. In short, accentuate any positive values that the property’s location may offer your prospective renters.


The property’s rental rate should be competitive to that of the market. Before you determine your property’s rental rate, you should do some kind of analysis of what other properties with similar specifications to yours are charging. If you have a good property management company, you do not need to worry about this because your property manager would be able to provide a Comparative Rental Analysis (CRA) to determine what a sensible rental rate would be.


Tenants would want to know if they and their belongings would be secure in the property. Pertinent issues to pay attention to are things such as good, working locks for any doors on the property’s exterior, security screens for all the windows, and a good alarm system. Fences could be important and appropriate for some properties.

All functions work properly

Be it appliances, electricity, water, air conditioning, et cetera, make sure that all aspects which make your house livable are working properly. Some investment in this area is greatly justified to ensure happy tenants.


Make it easy for your tenants to live in your property. Take care of all repair needs immediately, and arrange for professional service provider to mow the property’s lawn regularly. This will not only keep your current tenants happy, but regular maintenance will also ensure that your property is in its best condition, ready to be rented out anytime it is needed.

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