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Importance of Tenant Contact Program in Commercial Property Management

As a commercial property manager, visibility to your tenants is important. The more they see you, the more you are to establish a bond with them, and with this bond comes with more trust. In case of maintenance issues, they are also likely to contact and cooperate with you as you successfully penetrate into their comfort zone.

A harmonious relationship established with well-informed tenants can turn into something more than trust, they could become your supporters as well. For you to establish this kind of relationship, a Tenant Contact Program could be one of your best strategies.

Like any other programs, Tenant Contact Programs requires cooperation among tenants, property managers and landlords. This is embedded into the asset plan and runs over a course of a year. If presided over properly, this means better tenancy and asset performance.

This program features meeting schedules over a period of 12 months. Grounds and topics of each assembly, as well as concerns to be raised, should be stated. Start a meeting with the reading of previous minutes, and be sure to pick up hanging topics from the previous assembly. It is also important to have feedback procedures and consultation with the landlord after the meeting. Moreover, there should be a regular property update to be handed out to the tenants.

The earlier you establish your program, the better. It is vital to your position as property manager to have a formal meeting with tenants at least once every 90 days. Don't forget to record the entire conversation, if not, at least the important ones. One simple comment could raise more concerns and this is something to be anticipated.

However, you have to consider the size of the property you're managing, the bigger it is, the frequent meetings you have to hold. You don't want to meet with them once every 90 days, and then they end up firing you a thousand concerns at once with sour faces. You are one of the key people that helps the landlord keep tenants, you have to do your job.

Furthermore, you have to be prompt and professional in note keeping. This is important for future reference.

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